What is the Pastoral Nominating Committee (PNC)?

When a church is without a pastor, or after the effective date of the dissolution of the pastoral relationship, the congregation shall, with the guidance and permission of the Committee on Ministry, proceed to elect a pastor in the following manner. The session shall call a congregational meeting to elect a nominating committee, which shall be representative of the whole congregation. The committee’s duty shall be to nominate a minister to the congregation for election as pastor. Public notice of the time, place, and purpose of the meeting shall be given at least ten days in advance, which shall include two successive Sundays.

PNC Members: Jessica Cerino, Carole Cook, Robin Hoy, Josh McMahon, Anita McNamara, David Seaman, Pam Shaw, Alan Smith, Gary Zanfagna.

November 2017 Update

Good news!!!! Members of the PNC met with Elizabeth Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry (COM) on Thursday night, 10/5/17, to present PCW’s Minister Information Form (MIF).  The COM was very supportive and approved our MIF with a couple of suggestions and minor changes.

The PNC loaded our MIF onto the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) website. The MIF was reviewed and electronically signed by PCW’s Clerk of Session and a Presbytery representative.  The CLC matched PCW’s MIF with Personal Information Forms (PIF’s) from pastors looking for positions in their data base. The MIF is posted under “Opportunity Search” on the CLC web site. Prospective pastor candidates can view PCW’s MIF and self-refer his/her PIF to the PNC.  We now have access to the matched PIF’s and a self-submitted PIF.

The PNC has shifted into “networking mode”. We are speaking with many people asking them for suggestions of prospective candidate’s names. If you have a suggestion of someone we should contact or minister’s name that should be considered please reach out to any member of the PNC.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. 

October 2017 Update

The PNC gave the congregation an update of our status on Sunday, 9/17/17, when the PNC was commissioned at all of the worship services.

We have completed the Minister Information Form (MIF). The draft MIF was emailed to the Session asking them to advise the PNC if there was anything in the MIF that was surprising or concerning to them. The Final Draft MIF will be distributed to the Elizabeth Presbytery Committee on Ministry on 9/28/17.  Members of the PNC will attend the Committee on Ministry meeting on Thursday, 10/5/17, to present the PCW MIF and to answer questions.  We are hopeful that the Committee on Ministry will approve the PCW MIF at that meeting.

Once our MIF is approved a member of the PNC will enter it into the Church Leadership Connection data base which is located at the PC(USA) offices in Louisville, Kentucky.   The MIF will then be read and approved by PCW’s Clerk of Session and the presbytery. Both will electronically sign the document.  The MIF will then be available to be seen by perspective candidates.

We encourage the congregation to share suggestions for prospective candidates as well as provide continued prayers.

September 2017 Update

Your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has been meeting weekly.  Sam Henderson gave us some education on how “calling a minister’” is different from “hiring” a minister. We met with several people that served on previous PNC’s.  They shared with us their insights and advice on the process to call a minister. We learned that the PNC is a “call” discernment group. It is our role to discern who God is calling to be our next minister.

We are currently in the process of gathering the information needed to complete the Ministry Information Form (MIF).  The form includes statistical information; our Mission Statement; five narrative questions; a list of 33 leadership competencies we select 10 that are required for our search; the minimum Effective Salary (Cash Salary plus housing allowance) and a list of 3 references. We are reviewing/revising the job description in order to answer one of the narrative questions.  The draft MIF will be presented to Session for their input.  The final MIF will be presented to the Elizabeth Presbytery Committee on Ministry for approval.

We thank you for your continued prayers.

June 2017 Update

A Meeting of the Congregation of The Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey was called for Sunday, June 25, 2017.

The meeting was held for the purpose of electing members of the congregation to the Pastor Nominating Committee AND to elect one person to serve as Elder – Session class of 2020. The Pastor Nominating Committee has the sole responsibility to present a candidate for the position of Pastor-Head of Staff to the congregation for consideration.

Pastor Nominating Committee

  • Jessica Cerino
  • Carole Cook
  • Robin Hoy
  • Josh McMahon
  • Anita McNamara
  • David Seaman
  • Pam Shaw
  • Alan Smith
  • Gary Zanfagna 

2017 Mission Study Report

The downloadable document is the final report derived from the Mission Study Task Force congregational meetings. Click the title above to download the document. The report contains a short summary, a section with analysis of the input collected at the Mission Study Task sessions and an appendix with background information used for the Mission Study.

The Presbyterian Church in Westfield (PCW) Mission Study report has been approved by the PCW Session, and by the Elizabeth Presbytery on May 8, 2017. The report will now be provided to the PNC for use in their efforts to call a Pastor-Head of Staff. Additionally, the report will be made available to our staff, Session and Deacons for use in ongoing efforts as they assess and consider priorities, ministries and programs. The Mission Study team is grateful for the open and sincere participation on the part of the congregation without whom this document would not have been possible.

Questions regarding the content of this document may be addressed to the co-moderators of the Mission Study Task Force; Alan Smith and Martha Kieczykowski at Alandsmith518@gmail.com or marthaqk@gmail.com.

PNC – Pastoral Nominating Committee
PCW – The Presbyterian Church in Westfield
MSTF – Mission Study Task Force