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  • Marriage

    Please join me in agreement for my prayers for marriage to RD, please lord touch his heart and show him that him and I are made for each other, remove his past, please bless his parents and that they too are touched and ready for this marriage proposal, please remove any blockages that I am having in my marriage with RD, and the delay that is coming unwanted in this union, bless both sides that they resume talks and our positive marriage talk happens at the earliest with no blocks. Bless us lord.


    My names is Cathy i want to testify about the great spell caster called Priest Ade my husband and i have been married for 5 years now we don't have a child and the doctor told us i can't give birth because my womb have been damaged due to wrong drugs prescription this got me so worried and my husband was not happy so he decided to get married to another girl and divorce me i was so sad i told my friend about it she told me about a powerful spell caster she gave me his email address well i never believe in it that much though i just decided to give him a try and he told me it will take 24hrs to get my husband back to me and i will get pregnant i doubted him the 3rd day my husband came back to me and was crying he said he didn't want the divorce anymore 3 weeks after the doctor confirmed that i was pregnant he can also help you Email him at or WhatsApp +2347059715465


    Please pray that God can help me not to lost my salvation and my job in the Administration Wing, so that I can continue to preach the gospel (Jesus crucified), sorry and thank you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-Men.

  • prayer request

    prayer request

    Kaitsu -> God's guidance and blessings, believe in Jesus
    Maija-Liisa and Reijo -> God's guidance and blessing and faith in Jesus
    Tuija and Timo -> God's guidance and blessing and faith in Jesus
    Viljo and Hannele -> God's guidance and blessing
    Mark and Eve -> God's guidance and blessing and faith in Jesus
    Tommi and Leila, Eino, Raimo, Esko, Tuula and Tero -> God's Guide, Blessing, and Faith to Jesus
    Teuvo and Riitta -> God's guidance, blessing, and faith in Jesus
    Heikki and Kirsti -> God's guidance, blessing, and faith in Jesus
    Arto, Keijo, Päivi, Reijo, Raija, Tapio, Alpo and Esko -> God's Guide, Blessing, and Faith to Jesus
    Kalevi and Asser -> God's guidance, blessing, and faith in Jesus

    Holy Spirit fullness

    Thanks and much blessing!

  • reconciliation and life and everything else

    I pray for my depression and anxiety and that things get better and that i can cope and handle it better. I pray for my porn addiction that i can stop and have the strength to stop and be able to have more self control and call it quits and when i have these thoughts that i am able to change my mind to something else. And overall not have that craving or desire and stay faithful for any future wife. I pray for my moms healing of all her strokes and her shaking. or her complete healing and restoration in both her heart and mind as well as her extreme depression and anxiety and not being able to sleep. I pray she will be eager to get close to God and that she will eventually become saved and have that desire. I pray i can be able to move on in my life without feeling guilty for my past mistakes and living with my mistakes. I pray i can learn from them and just be a way better person from the inside out. I pray for my self esteem and confidence that it will increase and just truly be confident in who i am as a person. I pray i can love myself truly for who i am as a person and not compare myself to other people and wanting what they have but just better myself daily to be the best version of myself i can possibly be. I pray i can start taking better care of myself and want to do more outside activities and experience life in general and just fulfill some of my passions and aspirations. I pray for my bad habit of cursing and just habitual sin and sinning in general that i can slowly decrease until i stop fully and just have for respect for God for myself and for my mother. I pray for reconciliation with my best friend of four years and girlfriend Lexy that she will miss me so much and that she will be filled with so much love for me mutual love,understanding,care,patience,trust,wisdom,respect,care,forgiveness,gentleness,etc and that she will realize what these two boys Trevor and Jerrell what they did and how they had a part in breaking us apart and that Trevor always talked bad about her behind her back but i was always there standing up for her name when no one else was.I pray for my independance and that I only do as God says and am able to conquer anything thrown at me. I pray for a changed and renewed heart and mind that i be renewed from the inside out and just be a better nicer caring person. I pray i can be better at coping with my emotions and that i can be better at communicating and expressing my emotions and how i feel in general at the moment without being upset or exploding because i don't know how to explain myself. I pray i can be a better friend,son,follower of Christ, and be a good future husband and boyfriend and man that i was made to be in general. I pray for my extreme anger issues that i can be able to manage and cope with them better and just not get so mad so fast and not explode or leave everything inside. I pray for me to have a deeper fear of God but also a deeper understanding and deeper stronger relationship with Him and that i can learn and meditate on His Word daily and learn from it. I pray i can use what i have and honor God and His name and that He makes me complete in Christ Jesus and that i can be a better example to others and be able to lead others toward Christ. I pray for everyone especially the kids/youth who are struggling to find out who they are or what there purpose is and who are confused or hopeless or broken in any way shape or form or feel suicidal like ending it and just ending their life in general. I pray God helps them with these things and send the right people to be able to stop them from doing that and just talk it out with them as well as a friend to listen to them and i pray that these youth/teens will reach out to someone for help and not just the youth but everyone. I pray for anyone who is struggling with any type of addiction of bad habit that they get delivered and change their ways. I pray for my bad doubt that something will happen in my life where i no longer doubt and just have a set foundation of beliefs and not worry so much about things i cant change in the world and everything in general. I pray the devils chains to be broken and lostened from me and my family. I pray for things to make more sense and for more and more people to start following for Christ and just revival in this country and that love will abound above all else to bring people closer together to one another despite minor differences. I pray for all the marriages especially in America for them to reconcile and have restored love with one another and remember that promise and commitment one another have made and that it was for better or for worse and for God to make whats unhealthy in their relationship healthy and for them to talk away every barrier and setback and wall one another and set yup against each other. I pray for things to work out for them that they may never surrender to any of lifes challenges or anything that comes their way and just rely on God in their marriage. I pray for hope and blessings upon me and my friends and loved ones and family. I pray for my enemies as well and those who persecute or hate me or am glad i am hurting or wish me the worst that they will be convicted and change their ways and hearts and that God will come into their lives but i pray that they may never triumph over me or get what they want and i pray the devil stays away from me. I pray God train me in righteousness and train me in all ways according to Hid will and that He surrounds me with His peace and love as well as comfort. I pray i can get clarity of my salvation and that i can produce the Fruits of the Spirit that i may think and act more like Christ and see things as He sees them. I pray God restores and reconciles and replaces what the Devil and myself had part in destroying or taking away or pushing away. I pray for hope of a future ahead of me and to help me to grow in maturity and independence. I pray for all the crime and heartbreak in the world that God is in the midst of it all and that God fixes and restores whats been taken away from these people who are suffering or hurting. I pray for all the unspokens in my heart and mind that things will overall get better in the world for everyone and I pray for all the broken hearts and broken relationships that they are mended and that wisdom,peace,comfort and most importantly love is involved and that love abounds all of that. I pray for all the unhealthy relationships to become healthy and everything unhealthy becomes healthy and that they just work things out. I pray for my jeolousy and my worry that God help me to overcome them and to stop worrying but that i cast all my anxieties and cares upon Him. I pray for all the deceit and confusion in the world as well as this sense of post modernism and trying to find truth that those who are seeking with a clear heart will find the truth and those who are truly seeking and that it is easy to find the truth. I pray for all my bad evil and lust thoughts and actions and desires that i overcome them and that my thoughts be guarded my heart and mind be guarded as well as what comes out of my mouth. And just all my unspokens in general 🙂