Good Friday Labyrinth

As part of our Good Friday Journey there will be a Labyrinth in Westminster Hall from 12 noon until 7 pm.  There will be someone to assist you if this is your first time walking a labyrinth or if you need a refresher.  It should take anywhere between 20-45 minutes depending how quickly or slowly you choose to walk, so be sure to set aside some time for this Spiritual  journey.


Did You Know?…

A labyrinth is a walking tool for prayer and meditation for those seeking God. Rediscovered in recent years as a fruitful spiritual practice, it is an archetypal sacred pattern for walking a path of pilgrimage and is found in many religious traditions in various forms around the world.


In walking the labyrinth, mind, body, and spirit are together focused on following a single path that leads to and returns from the center. The medieval labyrinth pattern that is followed today evolved during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, when designs were incorporated into Gothic cathedrals, most notably at Chartres in France.


The labyrinth, which has a single, winding pathway, is not a maze. One does not have to think about finding the right way or worry about getting lost. Instead, one simply walks in trust, receptive to what the Spirit may be inviting us to recognize, release, or discover. The path thus becomes a mirror for where we are in our lives. It touches our sorrows and releases our joys and creativity. It is also a place of presence; which can help us listen to inner wisdom and gain new understandings. Each time we walk the labyrinth we may find ourselves led further to discover and do that toward which our soul is drawn.


The labyrinth we are walking on Good Friday will be on loan from First Presbyterian Church of Cranford.  It is a modified version of the medieval labyrinth pattern in Chartres Cathedral in France, it has seven circuits. The church also has a twelve-circuit canvas labyrinth that is used throughout the year in their labyrinth ministry on the first Sunday of every month, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm in Bates Hall. (